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2011 June 30
by DonkSnob

Dis one of them cases where all the shit he done did to the car was pretty much on da money… BUT THE CAR HE DID IT ON was the FAIL.. Malibooyah! Bruh these were like the worst Malibu EVER, ever ever! And then he got it all kinda tunerish wit the wing and them tails, but at the same time he got them chrome side pillars and that fake Escalade vent. Color on point tho! Look like dat outrageous!

NO NO NO… my daddy always told 4door old schools aint never the move and he right for the most part but U DEFINITELY dont do THIS to a 4dr CHEVELLE! THIS BOUT THE WORST THING U CAN DO… I luv me some big ass rims and candy, but this shit just look terrrible to me.. i hate 4dr chevelles anyway, and wit a WEAK candy fade and some 26″ spinners it just got me all confused… IONLIKEIT! Hell its a prolly a Malibu, instead of a chevelle.. dont matter but makes sense on this post huh?

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